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The informational website, LIVEALONGER.LIFE provides access to important and free content so you can educate yourself in order to make informed decisions about your health care.

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Aeternam is a blockchain application and cryptocurrency dedicated to the support of life extension. The community within Aeternam works to support efforts to extend the human lifespan.

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SEMPER VITAM INC is a Hawaiian corporation supporting life extension and an increased health span through nutrition, information and technology.

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Featured Articles

Here are some of the featured articles from LIVEALONGER.LIFE

Small Arab boy fasting

Fasting for Health

Fasting has been proven to not only reduce weight but also aids in extending health span.

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World's Best Probiotic

Probiotics, helpful bacteria that live in our digestive systems, have recently been shown to be helpful in overcoming disease.

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White mouse

Longevity and NAD+

NAD+ levels in our cells are indicators of how long we might live healthy lives. Increasing it, at least in mice, has significantly extended their lifespan.

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Pomegranate cut in half

Pomegranates for Heart Health

Clinical studies have shown that drinking pomegranate juice supports the reversal of cardiovascular disease.

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